Terms and conditions

We guarantee you receive your specimens in the quality stated on your order.

A : Perfect specimen

AA- : Specimen with indistinct damage

A-: Specimen with small damage, for example in Coleoptera and Heteroptera with 1-2 missing segments of antenna, missing claws or other small imperfections. In Lepidoptera, Odonata, Phasmidae, Fulgoridae, Mantidae, Orthoptera etc. with small wings damage.

A2 : Specimen with some more significant damage.

A2B: Specimen with visible, serious damage (used only for rare or very rare species).

B: Bad specimen (used only for rare or very rare species).

Our quality control includes checking of legs and antennas in following insect groups: Coleoptera, Heteroptera, Phasmidae, Mantodea, Orthoptera, Hymenoptera.

Quality control of Lepidoptera, Odonata and part of scientific lots doesn’t include legs.

Abbreviation: m = male

f= female





ORDER: Minimum 50 U.S. Dollars

PACKING AND POSTAGE: Shipping cost id paid by buyer

Orders will be shipped by EMS postal service, unless there is different agreement with the buyer. All orders will be processed immediately after payment.

The cost of postage (EMS) and packing:
Price for weight < 2kg
Inside Europe $ 15
Outside Europe $ 20

WARANTY: Claims are accepted within 15 days after the delivary. But anyway our company will make maximum to avoid any problems by perfect insect quality and also by safety packing.

For orders over 250 USD postage and packing will be paid by our company!!

DISCOUNT: Discounts will be given based on the amount of an individual order. This amount will be not desplayed during ordering process but will be given at the time of payment.
+500 USD – 5%
+1000 USD-10%
+2000 USD-15%

PAYMENT: We accept payment through bank wire, Paypal or Western Union. If you pay through bank wire, please be so kind and check with your bank for addittional costs.

Orders will be shipped after receiving full payment.

DELIVARY: Europe: 5-7 days
America, Asia: 1-4 weeks
All items quality is guaranteed, except for damage due to postal shock.
Presented photos are not identical with the good in sense of size and quality.
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Otakar Liška - manager